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Import Globals is a leading Global Import Export Trade Data Provider for 100+ Countries. Get the Latest Import Export Data, and Custom Import Export Data Online....

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Accessing global trade data typically requires using reliable sources and databases that aggregate and provide information on international trade activities. Here are some common sources and databases for obtaining global trade data:

United Nations Comtrade Database: The United Nations Comtrade database is a valuable resource that provides detailed international trade statistics. It allows users to search for trade data by country, product, and other criteria.

World Trade Organization (WTO): The WTO provides access to global trade statistics and reports. They offer a range of trade-related data, including trade profiles, tariff data, and trade policy information.

International Trade Organizations: Various international trade organizations and associations may offer trade data and reports. Examples include the World Bank, the International Trade Centre (ITC), and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

National Government Agencies: Many countries maintain their own trade databases and statistics through their customs departments or trade ministries. These can be excellent sources for specific country-level trade data.

Commercial Data Providers: Several commercial firms and market research companies specialize in collecting and providing global trade data. Examples include Import Genius, Panjiva, and Export Genius.

Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements: Trade agreements between countries or regions often provide access to trade data related to those agreements. These agreements can be a source of valuable trade information.

Customs Data: Some countries make certain trade data available through their customs agencies. Accessing this data may require specific permissions and compliance with data protection regulations.

Trade Publications and Reports: Trade publications and research reports from organizations, consultancies, and research firms often contain valuable insights and data on global trade trends and activities.
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